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How We Work With You

Our clients have views about how (and if!) they will work with consultants and we operate in a variety of ways to accommodate these views. We can bring in a single person to undertake a self contained project or interim role, provide a small team to support larger change or a larger team to manage a complete programme of change. 

Our aim is to build relationships based on trust and partnership. We treat all our clients with the utmost respect but will challenge and recommend better ways of doing things based on our experience. A very important reason why we have been so successful is the way we engage with our clients' people. Our style is to add value in the best way at the right time without being patronising. We build strong working relationships which win confidence in our ability.

Our recommended starting point is for one of our people to spend a few days with you to understand the nature of the challenges and come up with a proposed solution. We always work within budgetary constraints and can help you build a business case to demonstrate the tangible benefits of our services highlighting how our fees can be recouped through improved efficiency and effectiveness.

We stay for only as long as is necessary. We ensure that knowledge is shared so that when we leave our clients are in a better state than before we arrived. We are there to provide guidance, support and most importantly, bring innovative, and yet reliable, solutions to problems. 

These problems tend to get categorised and include:

  • The need to reduce internal overhead spend
  • The need to improve performance of an organisation and/or its people
  • Acquisitions and mergers
  • To fill key roles where the client does not have the internal capability
  • Stalling projects and programmes
  • Regaining lost market share
  • Adverse audit reports
  • The need to put in place better means of measuring and improving performance
  • Staff restructures

Engaging with S-M Consulting will bring you professionalism and the solution to many of your business problems.
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