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We have experienced good and bad change and know what works and what doesn't. This sets us apart from many large consultancies because we are not “newly qualifieds" and recent MBA graduates. We're much smarter (and a bit older) than that! We know how to work with people in a courteous way, while providing leadership and innovation in our work; blending in with your people, building trust and helping clients get the benefit from their expensive systems. 

There are many elements to achieving a better return on investment in technology including understanding the most important indicators by which to measure business performance (KPIs); how to use that knowledge intelligently and collaboratively; making processes effective and innovative; making the technology easy to use and giving people the framework and support in which to make joint and great decisions through business partnering. 

All this has a profound effect upon organisational culture. Culture is not an abstract concept but manifests itself in a series of beliefs and behaviours that have a direct and measurable impact on business performance. It's about how an organisation thinks and behaves, which in turn, can make the difference between reacting to market conditions and leading the market through smart decision-making and innovation.

These are all big subjects about which our people are expert and share a deep passion to help our clients become successful - through transformation done properly.

We help our clients identify all aspects of their target organisation design and culture and win the hearts and minds of their people with expertly crafted journeys of change and engaging communications. It's all about finding benefit for those involved. Typically this might mean career development opportunities for people through education and contributing directly in change activities. An organisation's people have great ideas but don't always feel valued and engaged. We have the knowledge and experience to enable our clients to tap into this source of knowledge and latent energy. Our style is to leave beneficial and long lasting change; not to create a dependency upon ourselves but to transfer knowledge and build momentum.

We are expert in redesigning the structure of finance, and all other back office functions, such that people are in the right roles, doing the right things and are much more closely engaged with their customers. This combines science and art and provides significant benefit to our clients who are trying to improve service quality, reputation and, frequently, shareholder value. A principal outcome of our work is that our clients' people become more commercially aware and learn how to build meaningful relationships across the organisation and beyond and begin to fulfil their potential. 

Our clients are typically, large, international private sector organisations but we have in-depth experience of local authorities and large international, not-for-profit organisations too with deep understanding of the service demands and commercial and cultural change that such organisations face.

We have worked in high tech manufacturing and IT services, banking, insurance, professional services, upstream and downstream oil, gas and chemicals, transportation and leisure, security, retail and distribution, engineering, heavy manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, FMCG, healthcare, local authorities and the not-for-profit and charity sectors.

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